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Vedantic Concept of Life and Modern Science

The Vedantic concept of origin of life was discussed in a paper presented by Phalguni Banerjee at the International Conference on Science and Spirituality for World Peace. The paper talks about the failure of modern science to provide any satisfactory answer regarding life and its deeper reality. In the paper, Phalguni Banerjee points out that a synthesis between the Vedantic idea and modern science can expand the domain of our scientific conception of Life and find some satisfactory answers. The paper was recently published in KangalaOnline.Some excerpts from the paperOver the years in an attempt to understand life, modern science has made extensive attempts to understand only the molecular constituents like RNA and DNA in the bodies of living entities. In this regard Dr. TD Singh, founder director of Bhakivedanta Institute, attended a lecture on the origin of life by the world-renowned reductionist, Professor Stanley Miller. Dr Singh asked him during the question and answer session,…

Aitareya Brahmana Quotes on Pilgrimage

Flower like are the heels of the wanderer
Thus his body grows and is fruitful
All his sins disappear
Slain by the toil of his journeying.There is no happiness for him who does not travel!
Thus we have heard. Living in the society of men,
the best of men becomes a sinner.
Therefore, wander!
The feet of the wanderer are like the flower, his soul
is growing and reaping the fruit; and all his sins are
destroyed by his fatigues in wandering.
Therefore, wander!
The fortune of him who is sitting, sits; it rises when
he rises; it sleeps when he sleeps; it moves when he moves.
Therefore, wander!Aitareya Brahmana