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Showing posts from September 24, 2007

Watch Animated Mahabharat Cartoon Online for Free

Free online animated Mahabharata cartoon is part of the recently added animation section at Mahabharat cartoon (34 min 2 sec) is available in both English and Hindi. You can also view the cartoon in five episodes under different titles – Birth of Kauravas and Pandavas, Draupadi Swayamvara, Abhimanyu Caught in Chakravyuha, Battle of Karna and Arjuna and Defeat of Duryodhana. The free online version can be played in low bandwidth (256 kbps and above) and in high bandwidth (for 512 kbps and above). Many people in India using 128 kbps might find it difficult to watch the online version. The animated Mahabharata can be downloaded for $2.99. One has to be a bit patient as the online video screen will only appear after 30 second google ads. The animated Mahabharata is produced by Fountain Music Company.

Ram Sethu Issue brings forth the Pseudo Secularism in Indian Political Parties

Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi’s remarks on Lord Ram and Ram Vilas Vedanti announcing bounty on Karunanidhi's head has given an ugly and violent turn to the Ram Sethu Controversy. Instead of condemning Karunanidhi and Vedanti, mainstream political parties in India and regional political parties who have representatives in the Cabinet and Parliament have remained silent on the issue. This once again clearly demonstrates the pseudo secularist attitude of Indian Political Parties. When the Central government submitted an affidavit stating there was No Lord Ram, some of the partners in the UPA coalition like Lalu Prasad Yadav came out against the affidavit and the government immediately withdrew it. As expected, the Communist Parties (CPI-M and CPI and numerous other splinter communist groups) – always in the forefront on demanding action against Hindu groups for their fundamentalist actions – supported the affidavit.Unnecessary comments by Karunanidhi like ‘No Lord Ram’, ‘wh…