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Millions of Shivlings Made in Mumbai

Each year during the month of Shravan (July – August), the Dadda Shishya Mandal makes 1.25 crores (12.5 million) Shivlings for the well being of the society. This silent ceremony has been taking place for a couple of decades and is led by Pandit Devprabhakar Shashtri. "This is the 30th year that Pandit Shashtri is leading the prayers. This programme however is not everyone's cup of tea. The person who has decided to lead the ceremony has to take an oath that he will make 1.25 crore Shivlings within the decided period. If the target is not met then he will sacrifice his life," said Raju Kariya, Public Relations Officer, Dadda Shishya Mandal. (Cybernoon)This year the offering of Shivlings was held at ThakurCollege ground, Kandivali (E), Mumbai, from August 7 to August 11. Each day thousands of people from different walks of life arrived at the ground to make the Shivlings which was then immersed at the Juhu beach. The entire puja ceremony is absolutely free and all the nec…

Sayings of Mata Amritanandamayi

We should tell children while they are very young that there is a power known as God who controls everything. If we teach a child to remember this divinity in all circumstances of life, that child will be able to keep his or her inner poise in every situation, whether it be victory or defeat.
The shell around the seed has to break before the tree can emerge. You have to get rid of the ego before you gain knowledge.
Look at the optimism of Nature. Nothing can stop it.
Mata Amritanandamayi