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Thoughts on religious conversions in India

Religious conversions are a major cause of tension among the various religious communities in India. In India, the main religious conversions are taking place from Hinduism to Christianity and Buddhism. It must be noted here that people do not convert because they have found a better religious teaching. Most of them convert due to oppression and economic reasons.

The main reason for people converting to Buddhism is the caste system in Hinduism. It is high time that the Hindu society got rid of the evil caste system. Lot has been said about this subject but there has been no change even in the mindset of educated Hindus. The oppressed castes will look for ways to express their anger against Hinduism. One method is converting to Buddhism.

The conversion of Hindus to Christianity is mainly for material gains. Poor and uneducated people are lured to their fold with money by several missionaries. The missionaries are paid for increasing the number of followers. Numerous young people are recr…

Complete Information on Ayurvedic drugs in India

The Union health ministry has released a complete list of Ayurvedic drugs in India. Maintaining the quality of Ayurvedic products in India is the main intention of the fifth volume of Ayurveda pharmacopoeia.

Information about 1000 single drugs and 8000 compound drugs can be found in book. The book is of great help to those interested in Ayurveda. Majority of the people in rural areas in India use Ayurvedic medicines.

Several new researches are also taking place in Ayurveda. Western countries are slowly realizing the healing powers of Ayurveda.

Hindu links for 9/19/2006

Hindu News
Yoga improves memory
“Studies conducted by the Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy (CCRYN) have shown that Vipasana meditation and Pranayama play a beneficial role in improving an individual’s intellectual faculties like memory and learning.”
Prisoner’s building effigies for Dusshera
“The prison agreed to help out after the Scottish Indian Arts Forum thought they may have to cancel the event, because funding problems meant their regular model builders at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop couldn't to do the work.”
A refreshing view on oral sex
“In India yoni/lingam statues are holy. They show, in various variations, a lingam emerging from a yoni. My favorite yoni/lingam image is a five-inch-tall brass statue. There are two snakes ringing the yoni base and a third one ringing the lingam. The snake represents the kundalini, universal life force energy that's coiled at the base of the spine.

The symbolism, of course, is that the unity of male and female release…

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