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What happens in Yahoo’s Hinduism Chat Room

In Yahoo Chat there is a Religion and Beliefs section and in it there is a chat room on Hinduism. Yahoo says it is an open forum to discuss the deeper meanings of Hinduism.

But the discussion that takes place will even shame porn chat rooms.

Most of the rooms are fully occupied. So a new entrant will be send to a new room. Don’t worry, the room will become houseful soon.

The next favorite theme after adult chat is Hindu and Muslim bashing.

Below is a screen capture of a chat room. Some part of the pic has been covered in black, as an average reader might be disturbed by reading the blackened part. {Click on the image to see it bigger.}

What a nice forum to discuss the deeper meanings of Hinduism.


  1. Mr. Abhilash what an observation but you never went there when there is some real great discussion are on im one of the user who learnt a lot about hinduism from that CHAT ROOM you talking about man there are few very very knowledgeable man very very much religious so dont just see one side of the coin there is some bad users who try to spread pollution in such rooms and mostly are muslims who do that in that lovely room so i expect you to take back your comments and remove that screen shot of chat room please do that.
    try to observe good part as well sometimes atleast.

    Good Luck.

    Thank you very much.

  2. Hello is anyone there?

  3. i need need need 2 interview someone from the hindu group arya samaj for an sba n e takerz?????

  4. jai ho ! i read the chat material.....hahahhaha.....this is presicely why i go to yahoo chat room....personally i think its cute...really..its a thing to enjoy....yes,serious discussions seldom take place,its unfortunate,but i don't think that is reason to just remove a chat room....its sad and bad...i can't find hinduism chat room in yahoo...i think they have removed it.

  5. i am chat user of h1 room, most chat rooms are like that but intellectual discussions do happen.

  6. I agree with the author. I always find it as a flirt room or people who just take it for a place to flirt, hunt chics n Romance. A tool for pure gesture of lust and adultry. No wonder perverts join the party. The Ignorance we are living is seen in the comments here. This Post by author is the opinion of so many chatters who are online on yahoo and experiencing sour experience in Yahoo Hinduism or vedic astrology or yoga rooms. I find so many foreigners come to these rooms return disappointed and carrying very bad experience abt India and its philosophical culture every time. We made it as big joke online. If we go to Islam or Christian rooms.. Atleast they dont treat it as Flirt parks. Its disappointing and depressing to see attitude of our ppl. India is bleeding by its own ppl.

  7. I Thank HINDU BLOG for voicing out suppressed opinion of Millions of Yahoo chatters. The dissatisfaction is there for sure.


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