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Disappearance of Sri Ram from Earth – How Lord Ram Died?

Disappearance of Sri Ram from earth happened when he entered voluntarily into the SarayuRiver. This divine event is described as the death of Lord Rama. The story of the disappearance of Sri Ram is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures. This story of His death is from the Padma Purana.
Note - Many people wanted to know how Sri Ram died? Death is not a term used with Avatars of Vishnu. All Avatars appear to restore Dharma and then they return to Vaikunta.

Bhagavan Sri Ram ruled for several years and performed numerous yajnas for the benefit of his people. His sons and the sons of his brothers were made kings in many part of the large empire that he ruled. During this period Sita Devi also disappeared from earth when she was taken back by Bhudevi (Mother Earth).

One day an old Saint came to Sri Ram and asked him for a private audience. The Saint said that no one should enter the room in which they were having the conversation. Sri Ram directed Lakshman to guard the door of the room and sai…

Budh Ashtami 2018 dates

Budh Ashtami is observed when the Ashtami Tithi or eighth day in a Hindu lunar calendar falls on Wednesday or Budhwar. In 2018, the dates are June 20, October 17 and, October 31. The prayers and puja on the day is dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Shiva. The prayers are performed for redemption of sins.

It is said in the Brahmanda Purana that the performance of the ritual helps in removing sins performed in previous births too.

In some regions people who observe the vrat only take eight handfuls of food on the day.

Dr S Radhakrishnan Thoughts on the form of God

Every form is an approximation, is a shadow of that ultimate substance. It is a substance which we have to realize and recognize; after that all the words which we use are semblances or shadows or approximations. That is why the Rg Veda say, ekam sad vipra bahuda vadanti, the real is one but people talk of it in various ways. So also the Upanishad says that hrda manias manasa adhiklipte… We fabricate by our intelligence, by our will, these words. By these words we try to express the inexpressible. God is immense. He refuses to be caught in our categories. Therefore we refuse to say that any particular denomination or any particular expression is a final, ultimate and exhaustive expression of the Supreme Reality. Dr S Radhakrishnan