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Good Date For Travel In March 2023 – Auspicious Dates For Journey In March 2023

Good and auspicious dates for journey in March 2023 for travels based on Hindu calendar and panchang. Some Hindus look for good date for travels, especially long distance journey, foreign travel, while traveling on plane, train etc.

Good Date For Travel In March 2023

March 1
March 3 good time after 9:15 AM for travel
March 4
March 9
March 10 good time till 9:20 AM for travel
March 11
March 12 good time till 7:50 AM for travel
March 13 good time from 8:24 AM to 9:25 PM for travel
March 17 good time after 2:11 PM for travel
March 18
March 22
March 23
March 26 good time after 2:12 PM for travel
March 27
March 28 good time till 7:06 PM for travel
March 30
March 31

If you are following Kharmas then the dates after March 15, 2023 are not applicable.