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Kumbha Rashi 2022 Predictions – Kumbha Rasi 2022 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

As per Kumbha Rashi 2022 predictions based on moon sign, people born in this rashi will have a fairly good year with career progress and new job. As per Kumbha Rashifal 2022, people in this Rasi will see change of luck and there will be marriage. January, February, June, September and November 2022 are good months. March, May and December 2022 will see both good and bad times. April, July, August and October 2022 are bad months.

Good year for those looking to join military, police and other such services.  Good year for scientists. Promotion and responsible position.  Those looking for job will get one at a distant location. Good year in career matters. Increase of salary. Lack of knowledge about latest developments in your career might hamper your promotion. Those looking for new job need to be more flexible to get one. You will have to work hard for success.

Avoid giving opinion on matters that are not of your concern. People will know a romantic relationship that you had kept secret for long period. You will show keen interest in religious and spiritual matters. Always think before you act. You will decide to stay independently away from home. You will get higher position in your community. Progress in the family. You will help others. Unfortunate incidents and bad name due to bad friendship. Trouble from relatives. Those having marriage trouble will start legal procedures to end it. You will repent over a hasty action or decision. Your hobbies or talent will get support from family member or authorities. Couples who were staying apart due to job in different locations will get opportunity to stay together. Avoiding anger and adopting sweet talk will help in solving many problems. Good year for romance related matters. Happy occasions in the family.

Safe period regarding financial matters. Extra income. Success in chit funds. You will buy new house or vehicle. House renovation will be completed. Extra income in the family.

Those doing business related to paper will have a good year. Business people will have a favorable year. Renovation. You will buy new machinery.

Students will see increased concentration and improvement in studies.

Those looking to get married will get suitable alliance. Good year for remarriage.

Pain and health issues related to limbs. Bad health of children will keep you occupied. Accidents or health issues related to water. You will try out new methods of health care.

Unwanted journeys should be avoided as there is chance of theft or accident. Travels will be successful.