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Kanya Rashi 2022 Predictions – Kanya Rasi 2022 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

As per Kanya Rashi 2022 predictions based on Hindu moon sign, the people born in the Rasi will face some tough situations at work place. You will not be able to solve career problems quickly. As per Kanya Rashifal 2022, people in this Rashi will have difference of opinion with father. February, April, July and December 2022 are good months. January, March, May, August and October 2022 are bad months. June, September and November 2022 will see both good and bad times.

New job through success in exams and interviews. Good year for those looking for clerical or accounts related jobs. Avoid taking shortcuts and bribe, as it will be exposed. You will take up studies for progressing in career. You will face stiff opposition from seniors or management. You might resign from present job and take a new one. Delay in government job appointments. Favorable year for self-employed.

Gains from property deals. Sudden expenditure or stoppage of a regular income. Loans will be delayed. Renovation plans will be delayed. Income through a talent you have. A property related problem will be solved through mediation.

Students will perform well in certain subjects.

You will travel to different places and gain valuable lessons.

You will make parents proud. You will show smartness. You will perform charity. You might not be happy with end result of many matters. Romance related matters will cause lack of mental peace. You might shift to a new residence or city. You will get costly gifts. Trouble due to opposite sex. A secret that you have been hiding from family will be caught. You will overcome accidents miraculously. Fights with public or neighbors. You will sign important documents and papers. A desire you were having for longtime will be fulfilled in this year. Fight with a sibling. Avoid getting into trouble by listening to other people’s words. Bad friendship will cause trouble – legal problems and bad reputation. Anger and frustration will cause damage to both career and personal life. Keen interest in intoxicating materials like alcohol or drugs.

Those looking to get married might face difficulty in getting a good alliance. Tough year regarding remarriage.

Business people will have a good year. Gains, expansion, machinery and good employees.

Trouble in marriage due to difference of opinion. You might stay apart.

You will repent over your past actions mainly those that were done without proper thought. You will worry about the future trouble that might come from such actions.

You will drop travel plans in the last moment.

Health will be fine for most part of the year. Relief from an old health issue. You can expect some problems related teeth.