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Chithirai Natchathiram 2022 Palangal Predictions Based on Tamil Astrology

Chithirai Natchathiram Palangal 2022 predictions for Kanya or Kanni Rasi and Tula Rashi born people. These predictions are based on Tamil astrology. As per Chithirai natchathiram palan, February, April, July, August and December 2022 are good months. January, May and October 2022 are bad months. March, June, September and November 2022 will be both good and bad. 

Chitra natchathiram pada 1 born Kanni Rashi people will see change of fortune in money matters and property. Chitra Nakshatra pada 2 Kanni Rashi born people will overcome difficulties and will be successful in 2022. Chitra Nakshatra pada 3 Tula Rashi born will see return of old problems especially related to career and relationships. Chitra nakshatra pada 4 Tula Rashi born people should avoid night journey and need to be careful using fire. 

Name and reputation will increase in your career. Those whom you had considered trustworthy might turn out to be not trustworthy. Avoid giving your work to others – try to complete your work. You will be asked to take up leadership. Success in exams and interviews. Those looking for new job will get one this year.

Money that you had thought was lost will be returned with interest. You will spend on temple related activities. Some trouble related to property. Extra income. Decision regarding ancestral wealth. You will invest in a new home. Renovation will be completed on time. Some of you will buy costly vehicle. A property related problem will be solved through mediation. Bad Luck is in your favor – loss in games, lottery or gambling. Some of you might see gains from stocks and speculation.

Desire fulfillment. Reputation and fame. Awards and recognition. You will sign important documents. Legal matters will be settled in your favor. You might fall prey to superstitions. Female members of the family will face difficulty. You will waste money on unwanted luxury items. Those facing trouble in marriage will get opportunity to solve it. You will make gains through sweet talk. Success in romance related matters. You will overcome accidents miraculously.

Business people will face loss in partnership business. Good year for those dealing in farm related products. You will face stiff competition.

Travels will be successful.

Good year for those looking for remarriage.

Students will have a good year.

Marriage will be fixed for some in this year but actual ceremony will be delayed.

Students will show more interest in extracurricular activities.

Health issues related to internal organs like kidney or liver might give you trouble. You need to be extra cautious while using fire this year.