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Bharani Natchathiram Palangal 2022 Predictions Based on Tamil Astrology

Bharani Natchathiram Palangal 2022 for Mesha Rashi born people. These predictions are based on Tamil astrology. As per Barani natchathiram palan, January, February, April, July, August and December 2022 are good months. June, September and November 2022 will see both good and bad times. March, May and October 2022 are bad months.

Bharani natchathiram pada 1 Mesha Rashi need to be cautious as people will attempt to cheat you – so be careful in all deals. Bharani natchathiram pada 2 Mesha Rashi will face problems in life due to greediness. Bharani natchathiram pada 3 Mesha Rashi will see change of luck in money matters. Those born in last quarter of Bharani natchathiram pada 4 will face problems in relationship and marriage. 

There will be opportunity to join new job. Improvement in career related matters. Self employed people will see major gains. You hard work will be rewarded. Avoid dropping a project midway. Avoid changing jobs this year. Being punctual will help in making good gains in this year. Old issues will be settled.

There will be improvement in financial matters through various sources. Lost wealth will be recovered. You will see gains through buying and selling. You should be careful as people will attempt to cheat you. Avoid getting trapped in spurious advertisements. This will result in monetary loss and damage to reputation. Avoid standing as surety and lending money. Some of you will buy new vehicle.

Business people will make gains. You will follow of the path of truth and honesty. Business people will overcome competition.

There will be spiritual tours. Money will spent on temple related matters. Students will get good opportunity for higher studies. You will meet famous personalities.

You will make friends with good and positive people. There will be improvement of social stature. You will show interest in religious matters.  You will show keen interest in social matters. Those who had opposed you will become friends. Foreign travels.

There will health troubles related to blood and brain. Chances of accidents or hospitalization are high. Those couple wishing to have children will be blessed in this year. Enemy activity might increase during the latter part of the year. You will face failure in romantic relationships.

Marriage related matters might face some initial problems but it will disappear. Marriage as per desire will be held in this year.

There will be lot of journeys. Legal matters will be settled in your favor. Success in elections and you will be acknowledged for your good work in society. You should not fall into the trap of blind faith.