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Tula Rashi 2021 Predictions – Tula Rashi Rashifal 2021 Moon Sign Predictions

As per Tula Rashi 2021 predictions based on moon sing, people born in this Rasi will need to be careful in all financial dealings. As per 2021 Tula Rashifal, you will get opportunity to expand business and career. January, March, August, September and December 2021 are good months. February, April, July and October 2021 are bad months. May, June and November 2021 will be stagnant or both good and bad.

It is a good year for those looking to change job or become self employed. Those looking for new job especially after studies will be lucky in this year. Sudden career related troubles for those working abroad. Good year if you are looking or expecting government related jobs. Avoid making enemies at the workplace as they can do serious damage to career. You will not be happy with the decisions of seniors or management. Some of your ideas and decisions will be stolen by others. Some of you can expect job loss due to change of company policy or due to new developments or technological advancements. Keep learning is a mantra that you need to follow this year.

Students will have a tough year with some untoward incidents.

Business people will have a good year. Those in contract related business would do well. Avoid taking loans this year.

Generally Tula Rashi will have a good year in 2021 in money related matters. Some of you will get a large amount of money. You can expect decision regarding ancestral wealth. Loans will be approved. Sudden negative developments related to financial matters especially associated with banks or other financial institutions. It is a good year to buy vehicle or new home. Loss in property deals. Avoid standing as surety or giving loans. Money will be returned. Avoid gambling, stocks, speculation and lottery as luck is not in your favor. You can expect financial damage due to accidents or through fines.

Love and romance will cause lot of problems this year. Married people will face emotional issues. You can expect sudden trouble in family life due to a new relationship of a family member. Prejudice and short temper will cause problems. Get-together, family functions, and religious functions. Tendency to do wrong in moral matters – it needs to be put down strongly otherwise it will cause damage to relationship and social life.

Those looking to get married will see favorable decisions. It is not a great year if you are looking to remarry.

Travels will be fruitful. But you need to be careful while traveling. There will be opportunity to travel to distant locations.

It is a good year with relief to an earlier health issue. Health of a family member will be of concern. Eye related problems to some. (599)

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