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Shravana Nakshatra 2021 predictions

Shravana Nakshatra 2021 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Makar Rashi. Shravana Nakshatra pada 1 born Makar Rashi people will see change of fortune in career and financial matters. Shravana Nakshatra pada 2 Makar Rashi born people will face cheating or scandal and loss of reputation. Shravana Nakshatra pada 3 Makar Rashi will get opportunity to make investments in property or new home. Shravana nakshatra pada 4 Makar Rashi born people will need to give importance to health this year. February, April, August and December 2021 are good months. March, June, September and November 2021 are bad months. January, May, July and October are stagnant months with not much gain.

It is a good year for career change. Some of you will be able to achieve a desired position in career. Tension and deadlines will give you a tough time. Some of you will quit job (especially working away from home or in foreign countries), return home, and get self-employed. Those looking for new job will get one but will not be happy with the income and location. At workplace, attempts will be made to trap you by a jealous colleague. Bad habits, being late and too much talk will create troubles and enemies. Fights with a senior over changes in the workplace will turn ugly. Your suggestions will be implemented and you will be appreciated for it. There will be promotion and new position as reward for your talent.

Luck is in your favor you can expect gains in stocks, through property deals, in lottery and games. Greediness will wipe out a big portion of your wealth. There is nothing free – do not trust people on wealth matters. There will be fine and penalties. It is a good year to start house construction or for buying flat. Government related financial problems would keep you occupied. Lost valuables or documents will be retrieved. You will not be happy with partition of ancestral. Money will be spent on education of a family member.

Initial enthusiasm in love and romance matters will pave way for disappointment and tension. You will decide to end a friendship or relationship as it is causing lot of problems. You will face trouble from the opposite sex. Spouse might misunderstand you. Children will come to stay with parents. There will be big family function. Childless couples will be blessed with children. Thoughts like running away from responsibilities will occur frequently.

Marriage will be decided and held as per the liking of your family. Good year for those looking to remarry.

Travels will be tough and you will not be happy with the result.

Food poisoning, you might be bitten by poisonous animals. Relief to bone related problems through a new treatment. A bad habit will give you a harsh surprise. (1119)

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