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Punarvasu Nakshatra 2021 Predictions

Punarvasu Nakshatra 2021 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Mithuna Rashi and Karka Rasi. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 1 born Mithuna Rashi might face sudden problems at workplace resulting job loss. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 2 Mithuna Rashi born people will not be happy with current residence and relationships. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 3 Mithuna Rashi born will face problems from the opposite sex. Punarvasu nakshatra pada 4 Karka Rashi born people will make some important investments in this year. Good months are March, June, October and November 2021.  January, February, July and December 2021 are bad months. April, May, August and September 2021 will be stagnant period with not much gain.

Sudden external problems at workplace might result in job loss. You might face investigations or legal problems. Avoid indulging any type of illegal activities. It is a good year to change jobs. Positive response in matters of government related jobs. Business people will have a favorable year. Those looking for new job will find success after some initial disappointments.

It is will a good year in financial matters. You will get favorable response to loans. Money will be returned. There will be financial disputes with family members. Good year to buy a new vehicle. You might take up house renovation. You might make good profit from stock markets.

Married people born in the rashi will able to solve many outstanding issues especially through proper professional help. Those wishing to have children will be blessed. Romance related matters will get positive response. You will decide to put end to bad friendship.

Health issues of the previous year will keep disturbing you this year. You can expect some good relief during the second half of the year. You should avoid self medication. Chance of poison related problems.

Marriage as per desire will be held in this year. Those looking to remarry might face some legal problems.

Travels will be less and with not much success. You will be able to relocate to a distant location by end of the year. (1905)

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