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Mool Nakshatra 2021 predictions

Mool Nakshatra 2021 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Dhanu Rashi. Mool Nakshatra pada 1 born Dhanu Rashi people will face some financial troubles and loss of valuables. Mool Nakshatra pada 2 Dhanu Rashi born people will get a desired job but need to face initial disappointments. Mool Nakshatra pada 3 Dhanu Rashi born will need to rethink about job and career strategy. Mool nakshatra pada 4 Dhanu Rashi born people will not be happy with the attitude of family members. Good months are February, July, November and December 2021. January, March, June and October are bad months. April, May, August and September are stagnant months with not much gains.

There will serious reversal in career for some people including job loss. It is a good year for those looking to get a government job. Try to avoid fights with colleagues, seniors and management in this year. Be careful with your actions – avoid gossips, office politics and transferring your responsibility to others. It is a good year for those people who are doing business. Politicians and people associated with law will have a good year. Those in government service and armed forces will face difficulties. Students will get admission for higher studies in a good institution. Farmers will have a good year.

An additional income in the family will come as relief for some. You will be forced to take loans in certain months. You will decide implement financial discipline in the family. Spouse will not be happy with your decision on money matters. Loans will be approved. You will face difficulties regarding newly purchased home. You will take up renovation of the house. There will financial damage due to vehicle. There will be chance of theft or loss of valuables. You will be forced take up the financial burden of a family member.

Those husband and wife having problems in relationship will decide to sort out the matters with the help of a wise person or counselor. Avoid making family matters public, as it will only cause more damage. There will be difficulties due to illicit relationship. Bad habits will cause problems and bad reputation. Romance and love life will be turbulent with tension and difficulties. You will get help from an unexpected quarter. You will turn spiritual.

Marriage as per desire will be fixed and held for those wishing to get married. Remarriage related matters will receive positive signals.

An old issue will return to cause trouble. Sudden health ailment related to heart and veins. There will be some accidents especially from fall or hit by objects.

Travels might be with incidents and might not get desired results. (1092)

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