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Meena Rashi 2021 Predictions – Meen Rashifal 2021 Moon Sign Predictions

As per Meena Rashi 2021 predictions based on moon sign, this rashi born people will see progress in job matters and business. As per Meena Rashifal 2021, people of this Rashi could face emotional problems and some might see deep trouble in relationships. February, April, August, and December 2021 are good months. January, June, October and November 2021 are bad months. March, May, July and September 2021 will be stagnant or both good and bad.

It is a good year to change careers. It is again a good year to take up a job abroad or in a distant place. Your workplace will undergo serious changes. Those who finished studies and are looking for a job will get good opportunities. But there will be hard work and tough situations in the beginning. You will get help in job matters from an unexpected quarter. Avoid trusting other people with your work. Some of you will get opportunity stay at home and go to work. Your relationship with colleagues, boss and seniors will improve this year. Those expecting a promotion will get it. It is not a great year for those wishing to get a government job. Avoid revealing your weakness and secrets at workplace. Students will have some problems in getting admission to a desired college. Business people can expect gains. Those doing family run business will decide to go different ways. Some employee related troubles. You will get success in legal matters. Those looking for expansion and acquisition will face problems.

There is high chance of loss of wealth, money or valuables through theft or cheating. Renovation plans might not go as per your plans. Luck is in your favor. There will be gains in games and lottery. Greediness might wipe out gains made in investments like stock. It is a good year to invest in property, house or business. There will be gains from exchange of vehicle and other costly household items. Unexpected financial damage will be caused by children or a family member. Loans will be approved. You will find it hard to retrieve money you had given as loan. Savings and investment done in this month will be very helpful in future. Some of you will be forced to pay huge fine or penalties. You will keep a strict watch on money matters of family members.

Those seriously involved in a romantic relationship will face some tough situations. A person whom you had considered close will ditch you. You will not be happy with the behavior and attitude of elders and parents in the family. Your love proposals will be met with rejection and coldness. There will be lack of understanding and distrust with spouse. Some of you might face depression and suicidal tendencies. You will not be happy generally and will keep complaining about things. Family members and relatives might not happy with your behavior and relationships. Pay attention to good advice. This year you will realize that not everything is bad in the world. There are good souls. Those facing serious problems in marriage will decide to quit. If you are wishing to have a baby then it will happen in this year.

Travels will be hectic but successful. You might decide to spend some time away from the crowd in a secluded place.

Marriage will be decided for some. There will be unexpected problems in marriage for some. Those looking for remarriage will face problems.

Lack of sleep and tension will cause health damage. You can expect hospitalization due to a serious health issue. There is chance of catching contagious diseases. New realizations regarding health will make you wiser.

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