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Kumbha Rashi 2021 Predictions – Kumbha Rasi 2021 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

As per Kumbha Rashi 2021 predictions based on moon sign, people born in this rashi might face some unexpected problems in personal life. As per Kumbha Rashifal 2021, people in this Rasi can expect limited gains in money matters. April, July, September and November 2021 are good months. February, May, October and December 2021 are bad months. January, March, June and August will be stagnant with not much gain.

Some of the rashi born people might face sudden job loss. You will experience intense work pressure and this might cause trouble in relationships. Those looking for new job might get one but in a distant location. Those indulging in corruption and other malpractices will be exposed this year. Good year to quit job and go freelancing, start own business or get self-employed. Your ideas might be stolen by others. Those looking to get a government job will be lucky in this year. Long delayed promotion will happen this year. Those who have been working hard with dedication will be awarded for their honesty and integrity. Politicians born in the Rashi will face some serious troubles. Do not leave things for the last moment. Business people will have a good year. There will be increase in profit. You will overcome competition. Help from government and authorities. Some damage due to accident or bad weather.

The regular income flow might stop for some due to problems at workplace. This year you can expect sudden expenditure related to health or unexpected renovation. Vehicle might cause some damage. Luck is in your favor – good year in stocks. You can also make money through speculation. Parents will be help in financial matters. There will be temptation to buy luxury items just to please family members or to show off. Legal issues related to financial matters might go against you. There will be gains through property deals. It is a good year to buy home, plots, or farmland. Be careful in all matters related to vehicle this year. It is better to avoid buying a new vehicle this year. Lost documents will be retrieved.

Love needs courage and total commitment. This year the odds are in favor of lovers born in this Rashi. Romance will flourish and you will be surprised that your proposal was accepted. You will meet old friends. A person will come into your life this year and will change the course of your life. Married people born in the rashi will see improvement in the behavior of spouse. Children will bring joy and happiness. It is not a favorable year for those expecting childbirth in the family. Those having trouble in marriage or relationship will show the courage to put an end to it. There will be vacations, get-togethers and happy occasions in the family.

Marriage as per desire will be held in this year. It is a good year for those looking to remarry.

There will be financial damage during journeys. Avoid pilgrimage to distant places this year.

You will find relief to a health issue by trying alternative treatment methods. Health issues related to stomach or bones for some. You will change your lifestyle to overcome diseases.

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