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Karka Rashi 2021 Predictions – Kark Rashi 2021 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

As per Kark Rashi 2021 predictions based on moon sign, it is a good year to change career or take up new job. As Kark Rashi 2021 Rashifal, you might face problems in relationships especially with the opposite sex. Those married people born in this rashi facing problems might decide to live separately. March, June, August and October 2021 are good months. January, May, July and December 2021 are bad months. February, April, September and November 2021 will be stagnant months with not many gains.

There will be some unexpected problems at workplace due to change in management or government policy change. It is a good year to change jobs. Those looking for new jobs will be able to get one this year. There will be some initial problems in government related job matters. Business people will see change of fortune. Good year to start a business or become self employed.

Financially it is a favorable period as you might see increase in income. There will be some delay in loans. You will settle debts. Ancestral wealth will be distributed. You might have pay fines. Good year to invest in new home or land. Home renovation and new vehicle is a possibility. Loss of valuables, money or important documents.

Married people born in the rashi facing trouble in the past might decide to stay separately. Those wishing to have a child might face some problems. Romance related matters will flourish. Children might make you proud. You will participate in get together.

Marriage as per desire will be held in this year. Not a great year for those looking to remarry.

Health issues related to heart or stomach might require hospitalization. Attack from animals or accidents. Some of you might face poison related issues.

Travels will be successful. Long distance travels will happen this year. (1158)

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