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Uthradam Natchathiram 2021 Palangal Based on Tamil Astrology

Uthradam Natchathiram Palangal 2021 for Dhanusu Rasi and Makara Rasi born people. These predictions are based on Tamil astrology. January, April, August, and October 2021 are good months. March, May, July and November 2021 are bad months. February, June, September and December 2020 will be stagnant months with not much gain.

Uthradam Natchathiram pada 1 born Dhanu Rashi people will face some unexpected problems at the workplace. Uthradam Natchathiram pada 2 Makar Rashi born people will make gains in financial matters. Uthradam Natchathiram pada 3 Makar Rashi born will need to give more importance to family. Uthradam Natchathiram pada 4 Makar Rashi born will see progress in career and new friendship.

An unexpected problem will cause some difficult situation in career. It will be tough to get a new job this year. Your ideas and changes will be rejected. Stop taking risks in career matters.  Illegal activity in career will get you into serious trouble. You will get promotion but after some delay. Transfer to a distant location will cause some inconvenience. Those working in film, theater and television will face huge disappointments. Some of those working abroad will see job loss. Shopkeepers, self-employed and freelancers will have a good year. Doctors, those in armed forces and using vehicles need to be very cautious.

You will get a large amount of money but that will not alleviate your fear of future. There will be fights with friends and relatives or neighbors over property or money. Children will misuse wealth and this will force you to adopt strict financial discipline. A large amount of money that was blocked will be released in this year. Financial help from family member will come as a relief. People will attempt to cheat you – stay away from scams. Do not stand as surety. Avoid lending large amount of money. Do not sign documents without fully reading them. Loans will be approved. Legal issues will be settled in your favor.

A secret will be revealed and this will cause trouble in marriage. Those couples facing problems will attempt to make the marriage work with the help of relatives and friends. Romance and love matters will face roadblock. You will meet old friends or relatives. Some of you will turn to spirituality and undertake pilgrimage. There will be new member in the family. Some of you will decide to stay away from family in a separate house.

There will be difference of opinion among family members regarding marriage matters. This will delay marriage. Not a great year for those looking to remarry.

Travels will be good and gains will be made.

Heart and vein related health problems. There will be a serious health scare. You will take decision to adapt a better and healthy lifestyle.

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