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Pooram Nakshatra 2021 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Pooram Nakshatra 2021 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. Good months are March, August, September and December 2021. February, May, June and November 2021 are bad months. January, April,  July and October 2021 will be stagnant months with not much gain.

Pooram Nakshatra pada 1 born people will some tough situations and problems at workplace. Pooram Nakshatra pada 2 born people might face some problems in relationships that might shake you beyond repair. Pooram Nakshatra pada 3 will make gains through sale of property or through investments in stocks. Pooram nakshatra pada 4 born people will see improvement in career. 

There will be opportunity to improve career and make some important workplace decisions. Those looking for new job will be able to get one after some initial serious disappointments. Government related jobs will be delayed. You should avoid getting involved in things that are not of your concern. Business people might face some problems due to bad weather.

A safe period in money matters. You will make good investments in property. Avoid gambling and stocks in this year. Loans will be approved. There will be opportunity to make extra income. You might decide to change house or take up renovation. Opportunity to buy new vehicle. Money will be returned on time. You will clear all your debts.

Married people born in this nakshatra will face problems especially due to your prejudice and uncontrollable anger. Some of you might stay separately. Romance related matters will follow a path of destruction. Parents might be helpful but some of their advice might need second thoughts. Friends will be helpful.

Marriage as per desire will be held in this year. Those looking to remarry will see it happen this year.

Travels will not give you the desired result. There will be problems in long distance travels.

Health problems will keep you occupied this year. You might not be happy with current treatment and might opt for traditional methods. 

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