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Karthika Nakshatra 2021 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Karthika Nakshatra 2021 predictions based on Malayalam nakshatram Kerala astrology. In 2021, Karthika Nakshatra pada 1 born will be forced to make some compromises in career and new job matters. Karthika Nakshatra pada 2 will take important relationship decisions. Karthika Nakshatra pada 3 born might have to relocate to a new place. Karthika Nakshatra pada 4 born people will decide to focus more on family and personal likes. Good months are February, April, August and October 2020 are good months. January, May, July and November 2021 are bad months. March, June, September and October 2021 will be stagnant months.

It is a good year for those looking for new jobs. You will need to be careful about office politics – enemies will be very active this year. Some of you might decide to return to native place after resigning present job. Transfer to a distant location. Those looking for government related job might face some disappointments.

There will be some good financial gains through sales. You might buy a new vehicle. Problems related to ancestral wealth will be solved. There will be additional income in the family for some. Unexpected financial damage caused by children. Parents will be helpful in money matters.

Married life will be stagnant with no major happenings. Those facing difficulties in married life might take advice of professionals. New romantic relationship will end in tragedy. You will get help from unexpected quarters.

A serious health issue might require frequent hospital visits. You will decide to change your daily habits for better health.

Travels will be hectic and without much success. Foreign journey plans will go as per schedule.

Chances of accidents are high to yourself and to a family member. 

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