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Anizham Nakshatra 2021 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Anizham Nakshatra 2021 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. March, June, August and October 2021 are good months. January, July, November and December 2021 are bad months for Rohini Nakshatra. February, April, May and September 2021 are stagnant months with not much gain or loss.

Anizham Nakshatra pada 1 born people will face accidents or health issues. Anizham Nakshatra pada 2 born will need to be careful in all financial dealings. Anizham Nakshatra pada 3 born will see progress in job related matters. Anizham nakshatra pada 4 born people will be able to make good profit from property deals. 

Your hard work and dedication will be rewarded in the form of promotion and higher position. It is a good year for those looking for a new job. It is a good year for career change. Those working abroad might face sudden reversals in job. Business people will have a progressive year. Lethargy, not being punctual and laziness will cause huge damage to reputation and career. Taking bribe and doing favors will be exposed. Self-employed people will have favorable year. Students will have a good year.

You can expect gains through property deals. There will be increase in income. Unexpected expenditure will cause damage in some months. Good year for buying new home or starting the construction of a house. You will get costly gifts. You will have to pay fine and penalties. Luck is in your favor – gains in lottery, games and gambling. You need to keep an eye on children’s expenditure. Money given to friends or relatives will not be returned on time. Loans will be delayed.

There will be fights in the family especially related to property. Spouse will be unhappy with your attitude towards social activities and relatives. You will participate in spiritual activities and satsangs. Romance related matters will cause trouble. You will not be happy with attitude and decisions of parents and siblings. Friends will be of great help. You will make friendship with knowledgeable people. Unwanted thoughts and illicit relationships will cause damage to reputation. You will decide to go back to your home town (ancestral home).

Marriage will be delayed for some due to unexpected reasons. Good year for remarriage.

You will be troubled by stomach ailments. There is possibility of hospitalization. Bad habits will cause problems.

Travels will be successful. Long distance journeys will be delayed.

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