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Vishakha Nakshatra 2020 Predictions

Vishakha Nakshatra 2020 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Tula Rashi and Vrischika Rashi. Vishaka Nakshatra pada 1 born Tula Rashi people will face unexpected delays in career and property deals. Vishakha Nakshatra pada 2 Tula Rashi born people might face accidents or serious health issues. Vishakha Nakshatra pada 3 Tula Rashi born will be misunderstood and might get involved in scandal. Vishakha nakshatra pada 4 Vrischika Rashi born people will be lucky in games and lottery. Good months are February, April, August and November 2020. January, March, May and December 2020 are bad months. June, July, September and October will be stagnant months with not much gain.

There will be success in business. Those in career related to medicine or teaching might face some difficulties. It is a favorable year for those looking for a new job. There will be difference of opinion with management or superiors. There will be help from colleagues.

You might decide to sell old vehicles and buy a new one. You will get ancestral wealth. You will complete the pending works or formalities of a new house. You will settle all loans.

There will be lack of peace in family life. Married people facing constant issues might decide to separate. Children might cause some serious troubles. Those looking to get married will face problems from enemies. Those in a relationship will get married. Romance and lover matters will hit the bumpy road.

You will be undertaking journey to temples and sacred places. A plan journey to foreign land will be postponed.

Serious health related issues for some especially related to bad eating habits. Chance of accidents are high – you need to be careful while using fire and iron.
Hindu blog advice – Unwavering devotion, hard work and willingness to accept positive changes will help in overcoming any situation in life. Horoscope and astrology predictions have no value before real determination and true dedication. Always remember even with Bhagavan Sri Krishna as charioteer Arjuna had to do all the hard work. It is fear, desire and mental weakness that is making you take solace is astrology. Single-minded focus is what is required to overcome all kinds of problems. Instead of focusing on astrology take up the Bhagavad Gita and start reading it. It has all the solutions to your problems. (41283)

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