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Rohini Natchathiram 2020 Palangal Based on Tamil Astrology – Rohini Natchathiram Rishaba Rasi Predictions 2020

Rohini Natchathiram 2020 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Vrishabha Rashi. Rohini Natchathiram pada 1 Vrishabha Rasi born will face serious health issues related to stomach or veins. Rohini Natchathiram pada 2 (Vrishabha Rasi born people) will need to accept failures and find new path in life. Rohini Natchathiram Natchathiram pada 3 Vrishabha Rasi born will get a good new job. Rohini pada 4 born people will be forced to gives explanations to their actions that caused damage. Good months are February, April, September and December 2020. January, May, July and November are tough periods. March, June, August and October 2020 will be a stagnant period with no progress.

There will be unexpected twists and turns in career in 2020 for Rohini Natchathiram. Avoid making emotional decisions. Patience and belief in your talent and hard work will help you overcome crisis. Promotion but transfer to a distant place for some. Those looking for new job will be luck in this year.

Property related disputes and litigations might go against you. There will be opportunity to buy a new vehicle. Your wish to own a new home will be partially realized. You will be forced to maintain strict financial discipline at home.

Sudden health issue of you or a family member will cause financial damage and mental worries.

Marriage will be decided and held for many in this year. Those in relationship will be hesitant to decide on marriage and this will result in numerous problems. Love related matters will get positive response. Married couples will have a good year with better understanding. Those waiting for years to have a child will be blessed.

Travels will be smooth but you will not be happy with the result.

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