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Punarvasu Nakshatra 2020 Predictions

Punarvasu Nakshatra 2020 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Mithuna Rashi and Karka Rasi. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 1 born Mithuna Rashi will be have to make frequent journeys. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 2 Mithuna Rashi born people will decide to change job due to problems with management or colleagues. Punarvasu Nakshatra pada 3 Mithuna Rashi born will face health issues and might require hospitalization. Punarvasu nakshatra pada 4 Karka Rashi born people will decide to end married life or an important relationship. Good months are January, February, August and December 2020.  April, July, September and November 2020 are tough periods. March, May, June and October will be stagnant period with not much gain.

People born in this nakshatra will be making some important career related decisions in this month. Those looking for new job should be disheartened by failures, there will be good opportunities. Promotion and salary increase will be delayed indefinitely.

Economically it is a weak period. Some of your investments might result in losses. There will be opportunity take back property or valuables. Avoid taking loans and spending money on luxury. There will be additional financial burden.

You will be cheated by people. It is good to be kind but not by surrendering your intelligence.

Married couples might face some serious issues. Anger, prejudice and digging up past events will make matters worse. Those in a love relationship will decide to put an end due to lack of compatibility. Love matters will end in tragedy.

You might face communicable diseases. Bad eating habits will result in hospitalization. There is chance of head or face related injuries.

There will be lot of traveling without much gain.
Hindu blog advice – Unwavering devotion, hard work and willingness to accept positive changes will help in overcoming any situation in life. Horoscope and astrology predictions have no value before real determination and true dedication. Always remember even with Bhagavan Sri Krishna as charioteer Arjuna had to do all the hard work. It is fear, desire and mental weakness that is making you take solace is astrology. Single-minded focus is what is required to overcome all kinds of problems. Instead of focusing on astrology take up the Bhagavad Gita and start reading it. It has all the solutions to your problems. (2969)

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