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Moolam Natchathiram 2020 Palangal Based on Tamil Astrology – Moolam Nakshatra Dhanusu Rasi Predictions 2020

Moolam Natchathiram 2020 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Dhanusu Rasi. Moolam Natchathiram pada 1 born Dhanusu Rasi people will have some tough time initially but things will improve from July onwards. Moolam Natchathiram pada 2 Dhanu Rashi born people will need to extra careful in financial matters. Avoid greediness and carelessness. Moolam Natchathiram pada 3 Dhanusu Rasi born might face sudden career problems. Moolam Natchathiram pada 4 Dhanu Rashi born people might face accidents or serious health issues. Good months are February, June, August and October 2020. January, March, July and November 2020 are bad months. April, May, September and December 2020 will be stagnant months with not much gain.

There will be some career problems during first six months but things will improve then onwards. There will be lot of bad luck and misunderstandings. Those looking for new job should not be bothered by initial setbacks. You will get better career openings and solution to work related problems from October onwards.

You will need to be cautious regarding financial dealings. There will delay in getting money. You might be forced to borrow money. There will be expenditure associated with functions in the family. There will be delay in loans. Money matters will be solved from August onwards.

You need to avoid unwanted arguments and quarrels in this year.

Married couples staying apart will decide to settle down together. Relatives might give some problems. Those in relationship will get married. Romance and love will be positive. Marriage as per desire will take place by the end of the year.

Travels will be hectic but with success.

Do not show negligence to minor illness and accidents. Avoid all kinds of risky work in this year. You need to be careful while climbing and especially while walking through streets.

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