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Good Dates For Car Delivery in August 2019 As per Hindu Calendar

Good and auspicious dates for car delivery in August 2019 are based on good rashi, nakshatra, tithi and other calculation in Hindu Astrology. The entire time on the days is good for the purpose until mentioned otherwise. The dates are good for delivery of truck, car, bike, and other vehicles. Please note that these are the dates to get the car home and it is not for paying the first amount.

We have prepared these dates after studying various Hindu panchangs and calendars. This is not a computer-generated list.

Good dates For Car Delivery in August 2019

August 4 good time till 8:20 AM
August 5
August 6
August 9
August 13
August 14 good time till 3:45 PM
August 15
August 16
August 19
August 20
August 25 good time till 7:40 PM
August 27 good time till 9:25 AM

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