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How to Find Out Real Brass? – Good Brass Utensils

Numerous utensils and vessels that are part of Hindu Puja and rituals are made of brass. Hindus also use brass puja instruments like lamps, thali etc. But there are both bad and good quality brass in the market. An ancient Sanskrit text dealing with metallurgy mentions who to find out real brass – quality of brass vessels and utensils (Rasaratna Samuchchaya – 5.195.196).

The characteristics of Good quality brass are –
  • They will be heavy;
  • Soft
  • Slim
  • Will have a slight yellow color which is appealing to the eye
  • Original brass will not break on hammering
The characteristics of bad quality brass are –
  • The color will be whitish yellow
  • Light in weight
  • Rough to touch
  • Breaks on hammering
  • Will have a bad smell.
  • It will react with other chemical substances.

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