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Bhadra Kaal in May 2019 – Bhadra Kal Date and Time in May 2019

Bhadra Kaal in May 2019 based on Hindu Panchang and calendar. The timing is based on Indian Standard Time (IST). Bhadra Kal is a certain period (around 12 hours) in a Tithi as per Hindu astrology and calendar. The time is considered inauspicious for journey. No events are held during the period. Hindu also do not start new venture during the period. The time of Bhadra Kal is different is slightly different in calendars and panchangs followed in western parts of India.

Bhadra Kaal in May 2019 

2:37 AM to 3:06 PM on May 3
1:36 PM on May 8 to 12:53 AM on May 9
6:45 PM on May 11 to 5:32 AM on May 12
10:16 PM on May 14 to 9:06 AM on May 15
3:33 AM to 3:00 PM on May 17
1:42 PM on May 21 to 1:52 AM on May 22
4:40 AM to 6:06 PM on May 25
12:31 AM to 1:23 PM on May 29

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