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Why Indra Killed Guru Vishwarupa?

The Guru of Devas was Brihaspati. But once he had an altercation with Indra, the king of Devas, and Brihaspati abandoned the Devas. Without a proper Guru to guide, Devas faced several reversals.

Finally, on the advice of Brahma, Vishwarupa was appointed as the Guru of Devas.

Vishwarupa to impress Indra, gave him Shiva Kavach, with which he defeated the demons (asuras).

Vishwarupa was born of the union of a Deva (Tvashta) and an Asura woman (Rachna). He had deep love and affection for his mother and this made him a supporter of the Asuras.

So whenever he performed a yajna for the Devas, in his mind he prayed for the welfare of the Asuras.

Soon Asuras became powerful and Devas grew weaker.

Soon Indra realized the treachery of their newly appointed Guru and in a fit of rage; he beheaded Vishwarupa in his ashram.

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