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Vishakha Nakshatra 2019 Predictions - Tula Rashi and Vrischika Rashi Vishakha Nakshatra 2019 Predictions

Vishakha Nakshatra 2019 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Tula Rashi and Vrischika Rashi. Vishaka Nakshatra pada 1 born Tula Rashi people will need to be extremely cautious and careful about all kinds of property, career and financial dealings. Vishakha Nakshatra pada 2 Tula Rashi born people will change career or quit job. New job search might face various hurdles. Vishakha Nakshatra pada 3 Tula Rashi born will decide to return home and start new job. There will problems in family life. Vishakha nakshatra pada 4 Vrischika Rashi born people will need to be careful about health. There will be minor disappoints in life. Good months are March, July, August, October and December 2019. January, February, April and November 2019 are tough periods. May, June, September and October will be stagnant period with not much gain.

Vishakha Nakshatra people will have to face some tough situations during 2019. Professionals will face numerous impediments but those able to maintain patience and work with hope will reach their goals. You will be forced to stay away from workplace due to health problems. Business people should be careful while making new partnerships and financial commitments. There will be couple of transfers for some in this year.

There will be some financial worry during the first few months of the year and a few months in the later part of the year. Keep a track of your finances and do not trust others in investments. Some of you will be selling the current residence and moving into a new one. Some of you will be taking over family business.

There will be some trouble in relationships especially due to unnecessary comments and anger. This year you will need to be calm and composed to avoid major family related issues. Avoid getting into arguments with friends, family members and colleagues. People whom you help might not be thankful.

Students might face some tough situations.

Marriage as per desire will be fixed and held. Romance and love related matters will flourish.

Travels will be successful.

There will a health scare. A bad habit of yours will prove costly.

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