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Bharani Nakshatra 2019 predictions

Bharani Nakshatra born people will see fluctuating fortune in 2019 as per predictions based on Hindu astrology. Bharani Nakshatra pada 1 Mesha Rashi needs to be careful about health. Bharani Nakshatra pada 2 will have a desire fulfilled. The nakshatra pada 3 Mesha Rashi will face problems in the career. Those born in last quarter of Bharani nakshatra pada 4 will get the opportunity to travel to distant locations. January, March, June, August and December 2019 are good months. February, April, May, July, September, October and November 2019 are tough months.

Career-wise one needs to be careful about important decisions. Political changes and changing environment around the world will affect your career. Those looking for new job will not be happy with the progress. Some of you will be taking some important steps in career and personal life. 

Professionals will do well in the first few months of the year. Some of you will get promotions but after some bickering. Some of you will be able to implement new plans and ideas. There will be some trouble with colleagues and seniors. Business people will get good partnerships and profits during the second half. Those working abroad might decide to return home.

There will be some financial problems during March/April period and at the end of the year. Some of you will be investing in homes during the last quarter of the year. Some of you will win prizes in lottery, games and other such related things. Some will receive expensive gifts. Investments made only with short-term profit in mind will end in a loss. There will be a decision regarding ancestral wealth. Problems related to banks and other government offices will test your patience.

Students will do well in competitive exams and some will stay away from home for studies. Some of you will get jobs immediately after studies. It is a good year for those wishing to go for higher studies.

There will be trouble from neighbors and your enemies. You need to be careful with your words as it might cause serious problems.

Family members will be of great help. You will meet old relatives. Sudden health issue of a family member might delay an already decided ritual or auspicious event.

Travel plans will unsuccessful.

Some of you will get into bad habits and develop a bad friendship.

Marriage plans will be successful.

There will be some health troubles – a health issue that was troubling you in the past will return to cause more trouble.

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