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Surya Grahan 2019 in India – Solar Eclipse dates and time in 2019 in India

Surya Grahan 2019 in India (Solar Eclipse dates) based on Hindu calendar and panchang – India Standard Time. There are three solar eclipses in 2019 - Surya Grahanam. The first is a partial solar eclipse (Jan 6) but it is not visible in India. Next is total lunar eclipse (July 2) and it is not visible in India. The final one is an annular eclipse (December 26) and it is visible in India. Detail dates and time of Surya Grahan in 2019 are given below:

Solar Eclipse on January 6, 2019 

It is not visible in India.
It is only visible in northeast Asian and Pacific.
As it is not visible in India, the Grahan is not followed by panchangs and temples in India.
Hindu temples will not be closed.
There is no need to follow any rituals and fasting.

Solar Eclipse on July 2, 2019 

It is not visible in India.
It is only visible in South Pacific and South America.
Panchangs and Hindu calendars have ignored the Grahan.
No fasting and other rituals.

Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019

It is visible in India and it is an annular eclipse.
Hindu temples and calendars are following the Grahan.
You need to follow all rituals observed by your family or community.

Surya Grahan December 26, 2019 Time

Partial Eclipse begins at 8:08 AM
Mid Eclipse is at 9:34 AM
Partial Eclipse ends at 11:19 AM

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