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Karka Rashi 2019 Predictions – Kark Rashi 2019 Rashifal Moon Sign Predictions

How is 2019 for Karka Rashi, or Cancer Zodiac? For people born under Kark Rashi, 2019 will be a year of regrets and lost opportunities as per moon sign predictions. As per 2019, Rashifal, it is tough year for Karka Rashi punarvasu or punartham Nakshatra born people. The last quarter of the punarvasu nakshatra is in Kark Rashi. Karka Rashi pushya nakshatra people will see some serious ups and downs. Kark Rashi Ashlesha Nakshatra born people might see some trouble in career.

For those looking for new job opportunities the results will not be satisfactory. Professionals will be going through a stagnant phase for most part of the year. Some of you will be blessed with happy news in the family. Friends will be of great help this year. Singles and looking will have a good period with matters of love.

For some Karka Rashi people, there will some serious career related troubles in 2019. There will be difference of opinion with seniors and colleagues leading to some pressure situations. Despite hard work some of you will not be able to achieve success. For some people things will improve in November and December. Some will have disappointments regarding pay hike and promotions. In the first half of the year business people will have to face some financial troubles and employee related issues. Some will have to deal with workplace accidents. There will be good deals and partnerships during the last two months of the year.

Financial situation will remain stagnant for most people. But things will stabilize by the second part of the year. Some of you will be forced to make hasty financial decisions. There will be gains for some from speculations. Some of you will have trouble related to vehicles. Financial and property related disputes will be in your favor. You will be lucky in money related matters during the last two months of the year with chances of retrieving some valuables you thought was lost forever.

Those in love relationships will get opportunity to turn it into marriage. Bachelors will get good marriage proposals. Some of you will be able tie the knot during the second half of the year. Some married couples will have issues mainly related to jealousy. Children will make parents proud. Family members will be of great help. There will be some stressful situations for some Karka Rashi people with some friends. For students this is a promising year. Travels will be productive.

Most Karka Rashi people will have good health. During the third quarter of the year stress and tension might cause some trouble – especially some accidents.

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