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Chandra Grahan 2019 in India – Lunar Eclipse Time and Dates in 2019 in India

Chandra Grahan 2019 dates based on Hindu calendar – India Standard Time. There are two lunar eclipses – Chandra Grahan – in 2019. The Chandra Grahan on January 21, 2019, and July 17, 2019 (visible in India – from night of July 16). Detail dates of all Chandra Grahanam in 2019 are given below:

Chandra Grahan on January 20 - 21, 2019 - Total Lunar Eclipse 

This eclipse is not visible in India.

As it is not visible in India, the Grahan is not followed in India by panchangs, calendars and temples.

Hindu temples will not remain closed as per tradition.

It is a Total Lunar Eclipse – Purna Chandra Grahan – and is visible mainly in USA, Canada, Caribbean Islands and South America. (10:34 on Jan 20 to 1:51 AM on January 21 (time in Cuba))

You need to follow the rituals only if you are staying in the place where the grahan is taking place.

Chandra Grahan on July 17, 2019 – Partial Lunar Eclipse

It is fully visible in India from the night of July 16 to early morning hours of July 17.

Lunar Eclipse India Dates 2019

Time in India is from 12:14 AM to 5:48 AM on July 17.

It is a Partial Lunar Eclipse – Ardha Chandra Grahan.

The earth shadow will completely cover the moon from 1:32 AM to 4:30 AM

Mid Eclipse is at 3:01 AM

This Grahan is followed in India and all temples will remain closed as per tradition.
Those Hindus who perform fasting need to start it before 9 hours of the beginning of the eclipse.

All rituals including holy dip, charity should be completed before the Grahan ends.

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