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Rules during Shradh Period – Dos and Don’ts during Pitri Paksha Shradh Fortnight

Here are the rules followed during the Pitri Paksha Shradh period. These dos and don’ts are primarily followed in North, West and Eastern parts of India and it is to be followed for a fortnight – 15 days starting from Krishna Paksha Pratipada to Mahalaya Amavasya.
  • The person performing shradh should not smoke, eat pan, drink alcohol, have sexual intercourse and get a massage.
  • The person should not undertake long distance journey.
  • The person should eat only that is served first. He/she should not take a second serving.
  • The person should avoid arguments and fights.
  • The person should not invite more than three relatives.
  • The person performing Shradh should not be truthful. Avoid lying and taking part in business deals.