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Meena Rashi September 2018 predictions – Rashifal – Meen Rashi September 2018 Good Dates as per Hindu Astrology

Pisces Zodiac is known as Meena Rashi in Hindu Astrology and this September 2018 Rashifal is based on Moon astrology. In September 2018, Meena Rashi born people will have a good period. Professionals willing to make bold decisions will see positive changes. Fresh job opportunities in the desired area will arise of some. You will patch up with your old friends who had turned foes. Being honest to one’s capabilities will be of great help in the month.

Meena Rashi September 2018 Good Dates

Good, lucky and auspicious dates in September 2018 for Meena Rashi, or Pisces Zodiac, are September 2, 3, 9, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26 and September 30.

Meen Rashi September Good Dates as per Hindu Astrology

Meena Rashi September 2018 predictions

At the workplace, self assessment will bring better prospects. Professionals will be busy with meetings and will be given fresh projects. You will be constantly watched by superiors and colleagues so avoid office gossips. Due to this constant surveillance by seniors, some people might feel discomfort and this might affect productivity. Business people will have a tough period. Avoid making new investments. Things will improve for some by the middle of the month.

This is the month to make some bold financial decisions like stopping lavish spending. You should concentrate more on savings this month. Some people will be forced to clear old debts. Avoid purchasing automobiles or electronic goods. Some of you will be lucky in lottery.

You will spend time quality time with family members and they will be of great help in this month. Bachelors and those in relationship will have a bad period after first week of October. Married couples will go on pleasure trips.

Health will be fine.

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