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When perfection becomes madness

There are many among us who are extremely serious about their work and surroundings. Such people cannot ignore small errors and mistakes and they make a big issue out of matters that can be easily ignored. It is very much true that we should do our work properly, efficiently and honestly. However, the mad craze for perfection makes life difficult for themselves and those who connect with them on a daily basis.

People who are obsessed with perfection are under the control of fear. Especially, the fear of losing and the fear of what other people will think.

They worry too much about their dignity and social status. They worry about self-importance. They have too much self-respect. They have the wrong notion that things work because they are around. Such people are highly impatient and have high level of expectations. They do not bother about the feelings of others.

Such people always want to prove that they are better than others in their field.  They do not like to cooperate or share their work. Such people can never be a part of a team as they cannot follow teamwork.

When perfection becomes madness, there will be constant job changing. There will be too much pressure and tension. There will always be faultfinding. Such people will not be ready to work under others.

People in search of perfection are always disturbed. Such people might have the talent and strength but will not be able to put full use of them as they are always worried about perfectionism in every act.

The moment they step out of the house, they are conscious of surroundings. They are always bothered about what other people will think.

Such people should understand that their behavior is causing problems to family members, neighbors, society and colleagues.

Such people should look in nature – rose appears in a thorny plant, lotus grows in dirty muddy water….there are numerous such examples…

It is small small imperfections that give beauty to life…and it is through imperfections that we reach perfection. So learn to accept, tolerate and grow with imperfections.

Written By Abhilash Rajendran

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