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Offerings to Lord Shiva – What Puja Items Are Offered During Worship of Shiva?

Lord Shiva is known as Bholenath. Any devotee offering anything with unwavering devotion is accepted by Shiva. He fulfills the desires of His devotees. Here is a list of the main offerings to Shiva. The items offered to Shiva should be fresh and clean.

Offerings to Lord Shiva 

  • Water – there is nothing more important to Lord Shiva than a drop of water offered with unwavering devotion.
  • Uncooked rice or akshat – unbroken rice is not offered.
  • Bilva Leaves – the leaves should be fresh and broken.
  • Panchamrut – mixture of milk, ghee, water, saffron (kesar) and honey.
  • When four time abhishek is done in a day – morning it should be water, noon it should be curd, evening it should be ghee and honey at night.
  • Other offerings include rose water, fragrance (Ittar), chandan, bhasma (sacred ash), and sugar.
  • Shiva prefers white color flowers.

Things that are not offered include Kumkum, til, Tulsi leaves, ketaki and champa flowers are also not offered to Shiva.