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Swati Nakshatra 2019 Predictions

Swati Nakshatra 2019 predictions are based on Hindu astrology – Tula Rashi. Swati Nakshatra pada 1 born Tula Rashi people will need to be careful about both physical and mental health. Stress and tension might cause serious damage. Swati Nakshatra pada 2 Tula Rashi born people will face dilemma in making correct career and new job decision. Swati Nakshatra pada 3 Tula Rashi born will be lucky in lottery and games. It is a good year for making investments. Swati nakshatra pada 4 Tula Rashi born people will end up making bad career decisions. Some of you might lose job. Good months are January, April, June, August and October 2019. March, May, July, November and December 2019 are tough periods. February and September will be stagnant period with not much gain.

People born under Swati Nakshatra will have a tough year with some help coming from family members. Professionals will be confused and not content with achievements. There will be promotions for some but after some serious bickering. Those looking for overseas jobs will be disappointed. Self employed professionals and freelancers will perform exceedingly well. You will gain fame and publicity.

There will be monetary gains and additional source of income in the family. There will be some unexpected financial gains. The middle of the year there will be gains from stock market and property and other deals. Some of you will be investing in costly items for home. A debt given will be recovered.

Some of you will be turning to spirituality this year.

Bachelors will be lucky to get desired marriage fixed. It is a great year for those looking to remarry.

There will some serious difference of opinion with an elderly member in the family.

There will be some health trouble during the fag end of the year. There will be some health trouble for siblings.

Students will perform well in exams, sports and other extracurricular activities.

Travels will be successful.

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