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Story Of Origin Of The Name Guruvayur

Guruvayur is a world famous temple town in Kerala, South India. It is twenty kilometers to the west of Thrissur and the main temple is known as Guruvayur Sri Krishna Temple. Krishna is fondly called by the devotees here as Guruvayurappan. The origin of the name of Guruvayur is associated with Vayu, the Hindu god of wind and, Guru, one of the navgrahas or nine planets in Hindu astrology.

Legend has it that the murti of Bhagavan Sri Krishna worshipped at the Guruvayur Temple was originally worshipped by the parents of Krishna, Devaki, and Vasudeva.

When Dwaraka was being submerged in the ocean, Sri Krishna himself asked Uddhava to hand over the murti to Guru (Brihaspati) and Vayu and ask them to take it to a holy place on earth.

Brihaspati, the Guru of Devas, and Vayu took the murti to present day Guruvayur and had it installed there.

The temple thus got the name Guruvayur.