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Divine act of cosmic creation as conceived in the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

In the beginning, this (universe) was but the self (Viraj), of a human form. . He was not at all happy. Therefore people (still) are not happy when alone.

He desired a mate. He became as big as man and wife embracing each other. He parted his very body into two.

Therefore, said Yajnavalkya, this (body) is one-half of one self, like one of the two halves of a split pea. Therefore this space is indeed filled by the wife. He was united with her. From that humans were born.

She thought, How can he be united with me after producing me from himself?

Well, let me hide myself.. She became a cow, the other became a bull and was united with her; from that cows were born. The one became a mare, the other a stallion; . Thus did he project everything that exists in pairs, down to the ants.

So the Upanishad asserts: .This Self has entered into these bodies up to the tip of the nails (anakhagrebhyo) as a razor may be put in its case (yathakoura kouradhane avahita syat), or as fire, which sustains the world, may be in its source (viuvambharo vaviuvambharakulaye)