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The corollary to faith is fearlessness - Sri M

It is all about belief. If you believe in something, and you wish to do something, you can do it. Belief is the built-in safety valve.

At least understand that there can be other sources of knowledge; that so much is there yet to be known; this is the beginning of faith.

The corollary to faith is fearlessness.

Everything is relative reality when compared to Brahman, the absolute reality. Like when you dream, you cannot say it is unreal; only when you wake up you can say it was a dream. There is witness in both. That witness is the reality or pure consciousness – Brahman.

According to me, there is no average individual; this ‘ordinary’ word has to go because everyone has the potential.

Sri M

Source - From an interview published in the Speaking Tree dated July 9, 2017.