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Makar Rashi June 2018 predictions – Rashifal – Makara Rashi June 2018 Good Dates as per Hindu Astrology

Makar Rashi is known as Capricorn Zodiac in Hindu Astrology and this June 2018 Rashifal is based on Moon astrology. In June 2018, people born in Makar Rashi will have an equal share of good and bad phase. There will be some financial problems in the first fortnight but the second fortnight will be highly favorable. You will plan to do some renovation work in the month. Those into business will get positive results from overseas ventures.

Makar Rashi June 2018 Good Dates

Good, lucky and auspicious dates in June 2018 for Makar Rashi, or Capricorn Zodiac, are June 3, 4, 8, 9, 14, 15, 16, 17, 23, 24, 26 and June 30.

Makar Rashi June 2018 predictions

Professionals will be given new responsibilities and you will have to put extra work hours to solve some outstanding issues. The beginning of month will see some tension and heated arguments at the workplace. But things will change by the month end and there will be some positive results. Business people will have a very good month. Luck is on your side. Pending payments will create some tension.

There will be some spending in the beginning of the month mainly related to renovation and new purchases. Not the ideal time to think about share market and other speculative investments. Money matters will be in secure position by the month end. It is better not to show you open mindedness to your friends.

There will be tension in relationships. Control your anger, drop the ego and be patient, if you want to avoid a split. Married people will have a good month. You should consult family members before taking decisions.

Physical health will be fine. But expect some stress related troubles. Engage in outdoor activities. Some people born in this Rashi will show tendency to live in isolation, avoid it.