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Makar Rashi 2019 Predictions – Makara Rasi 2019 Moon Sign Predictions

People born under Makar Rashi in 2019 will focus on absolute change. The year is positive for Makar Rashi Uttara Shada or Uthiradam Nakshatra last three quarter born people. The year 2019 will bring some career bad luck especially for Makar Rashi Thiruvonam, Sravana, or Shravan Nakshatra born people. It is good year for those looking for new relationships especially those born in Makara Rasi first half of Dhanishta or Avittam or Sravishta Nakshatra.

Renovation and new decisions are on cards. Finance situation will be disturbed. You will also need to concentrate on family matters.

You might look to change your present job. Will invest in real estate and house. Income from new sources is foreseen. Those employed will get promotions, bonus, perks etc. But you need to learn to strike a balance between income and expenditure. Money is also likely to be spent on charity and other good deeds.

Romantic fortunes will oscillate. Tensions with partner is a possibility. Control of ego and anger will be of great help in steadying the relationships.

Children’s education will cause worries.

You need to focus on health this year. Do not neglect any medical advices. It would be wise to get a full medical checkup at the start of the year.