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To realize one’s true nature is to attain liberation – Swami Turiyananda

To realize one’s true nature is to attain liberation. Certainly this realization also comes to the devotees of the personal aspect of God whenever they wish to erase their sense of individuality. However, although they realize their union with the Chosen Ideal, they usually prefer to keep a sense of separation and live as servants of the Lord in order to taste his bliss. God reveals himself to his devotees both as personal and impersonal.  Look at our Master (Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa). He attained everything by worshipping God as personal. He used to say, ‘He who has perfected himself by worshipping the Lord in one aspect knows all his aspects.’

You must struggle to meditate and to become deeply absorbed in Him. Try to develop intense devotion to God throughout your life.

You have to admit this truth: As long as you have physical consciousness, the Lord is the master and you are his servant. When you think of yourself as an individual soul, you are a part of Him. And when you realize that you are the Atman, the Self, you are He. In that state there is no sense of ego.
You have to ascend to the highest peak of renunciation in order to realize the Atman.

“Is it easy to guard the mind from distracting thoughts? It demands heroic effort. Distractions constantly try to enter your mind and to take possession of you. Layers upon layers of rubbish are in the mind. What good is it merely to close eyes and ears?”

“Sri Ramakrishna used to say: ‘I cannot stand anyone calling me guru. It irritates me. Who is the guru? Satchidananda [God] alone is the guru.’ the external guru shows the path; the inner guru quickens the spirit. Ordinary men who pose as gurus do not know this and ruin themselves by feeding their egos.”

Never let egotism control you. It ruins a man. He loses all discrimination — just like a drunkard.

Source – Conversations With Swami Turiyananda Witnessed and recorded by Swami Raghavananda.
Swami Turiyananda (3 January 1863 - 21 July 1922) – a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.