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Sathya Sai Baba Thoughts on Atma

Realize that the Atma is your life. Everyone of you is endowed with divine energy. But you are misusing it. Your youth is in your hands. Your life-force is in your hands. You are not the body; you are the life force. Body is meant to serve as an instrument in your quest for truth. The same atma is present in all.

Here you see a silver tumbler. There is water in it. The tumbler is the basis of water, and silver is the basis of tumbler. But divinity is the basis for everything. Divinity does not comprise of any material. Similarly the Atma is not composed of any material. If you look at the Atma as material, it will appear to you as material. Hence, change your vision. Do not limit yourself to materials only.

The non-dual principle of Atma Tattwa immanent in the body is eternal and transcendental. It is omnipresent. It has no name or form. How can one give a name to such an all-pervading Atma Tattwa? It is only a futile exercise. Develop firm faith in the omnipresent Atma Tattwa. That faith is awareness…First and foremost, turn your vision inward and contemplate on the Atma Tattwa present in you. This Atma Tattwa can be realized only by constant Sadhana. It is only after realizing this Atma Tattwa can one deliberate on it.
Sathya Sai Baba