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Brahman is Shakti

He who is Brahman, He is Shakti and also the Divine Mother. Without acknowledging Shakti, no one can understand what Brahman is. Brahman can become manifest only through Shakti.

What is fire? It is something that has the power to burn. Fire would become useless if it could not burn. As fire and its power to burn are no different, so Brahman and Shakti are the same.

When we describe them, they seem to be two different things, but in reality they are one. The One has become many; that is the manifestation of His power.

How is it possible to realize Brahman without taking refuge in Shakti? The words that are used to call on Him, the sound that is used to worship Him those are all functions of Shakti. You have originated from Shakti, and you move and walk by means of Her power.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa