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Story of Durvasa and Varuni

Varuni was the daughter of Varuna, lord of the seas. She too had to face the wrath of Sage Durvasa. As per the story, Lord Varuna once invited Sage Durvasa to have lunch in his abode.

Durvasa had this strange habit of eating. He used to eat a lot of food on a particular occasion and then used to go hungry for several months.

When Durvasa was having his food, Varuni happened to arrive there. She was amused by the amount of food the Sage was consuming. She could not control herself and burst out laughing.

This was more than enough for the short-tempered Sage to get angry. He stood up and cursed Varuni to have the stomach of an elephant and the face of a goat.

She roamed hungrily with a weird body. It was impossible for her to fill her stomach with such a small mouth.

She traveled south and performed intense penance near Madurai in present day Tamil Nadu.

Mother Goddess was pleased with her penance and gave her mukti. She thus escaped from the weird form and got back her original form.

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