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With the dawn of self-knowledge ignorance about the Self is removed - Sri Ramakrishna

With the dawn of self-knowledge, ignorance about the Self is removed.

Like the Akasha, Brahman is without any modification. Brahman itself is beyond the three gunas. What Brahman is cannot be described. It is beyond words. That which remains after everything is eliminated by the Vedantic process of ‘Not this, not this’, and which is of the nature of Bliss, is Brahman.

The jnani experiences God-Consciousness within himself. To him the whole universe is illusory, like a dream, he is always established in Reality of Self.

Self knowledge is discussed in the Ashtavakra Samhita. The non-dualists say, ‘Soham,’ that is ‘I am the Supreme Self.’ This is the view of the sannyasis of the Vedantic School. According to the non-dualists the Self is unattached. Good and bad, virtue and vice, and the other pairs of opposites, cannot in anyway injure the Self, though they undoubtedly afflict those who have identified themselves with their bodies. Smoke soils the wall, certainly, but it cannot in anyway affect Akasha, space.

Sri Ramakrishna